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Center for Synthetic Genomics

The development of genomics over the past decade has not only given us a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the genetic material of various organisms, but also enabled us to open up a treasure trove of precious species and genes. Synthetic genomics was fortunately based on this. It aims to better understand the biological nature of the genome and to systematically analyze the biological functions of the entire genome by designing and reengineering the de novo synthesis method, and to give it new features. Research and application. At present, the center has formed an international research team composed of Jie Qing, Qing Qian, etc., from the Institute of Synthetic Biology, Institute of Advanced Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of synthetic biology, Dr. Dai Junchuang, and Dr. Cai Yizhi, the chief professor of Manchester Manst University. Jointly serving as director, the academician of the New York University School of Medicine Jeff Buka (confirmed Chinese name) serves as honorary director and aims to build a world-class research center for synthetic genomics. The main research directions of the center include: 1. Development of gene and gene combinations into use technology; 2. Genome design and analysis; 3. The application of synthetic biology.