Sino-american synthetic biology academician high-end forum and the establishment ceremony of the Ins_Synthetic Biology

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Sino-american synthetic biology academician high-end forum and the establishment ceremony of the Ins

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Sino-American synthetic biology academician high-end forum and the establishment ceremony of the Institute of Synthetic Biology (iSynBio) (preparation) of Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology (SIAT)Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) was successfully held at SIAT on December 2nd, 2017.


Chunli BAI, president of the Chinese academy of sciences and secretary of the party group, Xuefeng AI, deputy mayor of Shenzhen, Ruijun WANG, head of Guangdong provincial science and technology department, Junlu QIAO, the director of general office of CAS. Qing YAN, chief of Science and Technology Development  Bureau, Dejin ZHOU, chief of Science Communication Bureau, Chuangzhi WU, dean of CAS Guangzhou Branch, Guanghao CHEN, secretary of CAS Guangzhou Branch, Ying WANG, deputy director of the Bureau of Frontier Sciences and Education CAS, Xuan QIU, secretary of Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Committee, Special guest, Mr. Jay D. KEASLING, academician of the American academy of engineering (AAE), Xinsheng YAO, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE). Xianen ZHANG, researcher of the Institute of Biophysics, CAS, Jiandong HUANG, professor of HKU Endowed professorships, Jianping FAN, dean of SIAT, Jianhua YANG, secretary of the party committee of SIAT, and other leaders of SIAT, as well as the representatives from the Chinese Biological Center, Ministry of Science and Technology, industries, research institutes from both Shenzhen and Hong Kong, witnessed the establishment of the iSynBio (preparation) of SIAT, CAS.


The establishment ceremony was presided over by Mr. YANG, the secretary of SIAT. Dean FAN delivered a speech on the ceremony to express his warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to all the guests attended to the ceremony. He reviewed the historical development of iSynBio (preparation) as well as the preparation progress and looked forward towards the remarkable role that iSynBio (preparation) will play in the large research infrastructures development of synthetic biology. Chenli LIU, director of iSynBio (preparation), reported on the background and development goals of iSynBio (preparation) and embraced its development vision. Subsequently, 13 leaders and guests, Chunli BAI, Xuefeng AI, Jay D. KEASLING, Ruijun WANG, Junlu QIAO, Qing YAN, Dejin ZHOU, Jianping FAN, Chuangzhi WU, Xuan QIU, Guanghao CHEN, Ying WANG, Jianhua YANG came to the stage and witnessed the establishment of iSynBio (preparation). Mr. Jay D. KEASLING, academician of the AAE, made a speech, expressing the expectation of cooperation in the field of scientific research and industrialization in the field of synthetic biology.


During the ceremony, Jef BOEKE, member of the National Academy of Sciences (NAS), America, congratulated the establishment of iSynBio (preparation) at 3 a.m. on December 2nd, New York time, via FaceTime. He said that iSynBio (preparation) is a scientific research team integrates high quality resources, perfect advanced facilities as a union, and most importantly, featured full of creativity and vitality. Therefore, GP-Write China will be a great success. Subsequently, Zhiming CAI,  from Shenzhen Second People’s Hospital, Yizhi CAI, chief professor of the University of Manchester, UK, Chenli LIU, director  of iSynBio (preparation) (preparation), deputy director Junbiao DAI, professor Shihui YANG of Hubei University stepped up to the stage to officially launch the GP-write China. 


Then, Chenli LIU, director of iSynBio (preparation), on behalf of iSynBio (preparation) and Yizhi CAI, chief professor of Institute of biotechnology, Manchester university, UK, on behalf of MIB, sighed the strategic cooperation agreement on the automation of important biological genome design and construction". After the event, the two sides will officially launch the Sc3.0 project following the international artificial yeast genome project (Sc2.0). The reprogramming of design in depth of saccharomyces cerevisiae genome will help the overall industrialized adaptation of saccharomyces cerevisiae comprehensively while analyzing functions of genome.


Upon establishment, iSynBio (preparation) will set up three major research centers: Centre for Quantitative Synthetic Biology, Center for Synthetic Genomics, and Center for Synthetic Biochemistry.

iSynBio (preparation), using synthetic bioengineering design philosophy, focused on the synthetic reengineering research of artificial life elements, genetic circuits, the synthesis of biological devices, multicellular system. The goal is to reveal the essence of life and to explore the fundamental rules of life activities. The Institute actively develops market-oriented, industrial-oriented technology transformation and strives to develop into one of the most influential synthetic biology research institutions in the world. It gathers domestic and overseas synthetic biology young backbone and leading scientists to create a young, dynamic, multi-disciplinary team, full of cutting-edge innovation, by building an open and cross-cooperation platform.


After the ceremony, iSynBio (preparation) held the high-end academician forum of Sino American synthesis biology study. Mr. Jay D. KEASLING, academician of the AAE, Xinsheng YAO, academician of CAE. Xianen ZHANG, researcher of the institute of biophysics, CAS, and Jiandong HUANG, professor of HKU Endowed professorships, conducted academic exchanges and discussions on the subject development of synthetic biology, the establishment of automation facilities, the international cooperation project and the prospect of future industrialization.