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The overall research goal of our lab is to build diverse analytical methods, for answering deeper biological questions by taking the advantages of synthetic biology and quantitative biology. We are particularly interested in how antibiotic resistance is generated and spread, how to diagnose and fight against the resistance and what are the intrinsic or extrinsic mechanisms underling the strategies...

Microfluidics & Synthetic Biology

As the rising of synthetic biology, they demand more accurate manipulation to decipher biological mysteries, not only at significantly improved resolution, throughput and flexibility, but to create in vivo-like platforms to simulate biological behaviors. Microfuidics/nanofluidics will provide necessary tools to solve these challenges, facilitating deeper biological understanding...

Antibiotic Resistance & Stretegies

Antibiotic resistance (AR) refers to the ability of bacteria to resist the treatment of drugs, which is causing more and more global threat nowadays. The resistant pathogenic strains will have to be dealt with either higher dose of antibiotics or alternative strategies, even worse, probably no drugs could be applied when infected by the "super bugs"...