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# co-first author     *Corresponding authors

Yu, C#H. Gan#, A. Serra-Cardona, L. Zhang, S. Gan, S. Sharma, E. Johansson, A. Chabes, R. M. Xu and Z. Zhang. A mechanism for preventing asymmetric histone segregation onto replicating DNA strandsScience 361, 1386-1389  (2018). (Highlighted in Science and F1000)

H. Gan#, A. Serra-Cardona#, X. Hua, H. Zhou, K. Labib, C. Yu and Z. Zhang. The Mcm2-Ctf4-Polα Axis Facilitates Parental Histone H3-H4 Transfer to Lagging Strands. Mol Cell 72(1): 140-151 e143 (2018).

Fang, D#, H. Gan#, L. Cheng, J. H. Lee, H. Zhou, J. N. Sarkaria, D. J. Daniels and Z. Zhang. H3.3K27M mutant proteins reprogram epigenome by sequestering the PRC2 complex to poised enhancersELife 7 (2018).

H. Gan#, C. Yu#, S. Devbhandari, S. Sharma, J. Han, A. Chabes, D. Remus and Z. Zhang*, Checkpoint kinase Rad53 couples leading and lagging strand DNA synthesis under replication stress. Mol Cell 68, 446-455 e443 (2017). (Highlighted in Cell Cycle)

 Zhang, H#, H. Gan#, Z. Wang#, J. H. Lee, H. Zhou, T. Ordog, M. S. Wold, M. Ljungman and Z. Zhang*. RPA Interacts with HIRA and Regulates H3.3 Deposition at Gene Regulatory Elements in Mammalian Cells. Mol Cell, 65(2):272-284, (2017). (Highlighted in F1000)

Fang, D#, H. Gan#, J. H. Lee#, J. Han#, Z. Wang#, S. M. Riester, L. Jin, J. Chen, H.Zhou, J. Wang, H. Zhang, N. Yang, E. W. Bradley, T. H. Ho, B. P. Rubin, J. A. Bridge, S. N. Thibodeau, T. Ordog, Y. Chen, A. J. van Wijnen, A. M. Oliveira, R. M. Xu, J. J.Westendorf and Z. Zhang*, The histone H3.3K36M mutation reprograms the epigenome of chondroblastomas. Science 352, 1344-1348 (2016). (Highlighted in F1000)

C. Yu#, H. Gan# and Z. Zhang*.Both DNA Polymerases delta and Contact Active and Stalled Replication Forks differently. Mol Cell Biol, 37(21) (2017). 

Feng, J#, H. Gan#, M. L. Eaton, H. Zhou, S. Li, J. A. Belsky, D. M. MacAlpine, Z. Zhang* and Q. Li*, Noncoding Transcription Is a Driving Force for Nucleosome Instability in spt16 Mutant Cells. Mol Cell Biol 36, 1856-1867 (2016).  

C. Yu#, H. Gan#, J. Han, Z. X. Zhou, S. Jia, A. Chabes, G. Farrugia, T. Ordog, Z. Zhang*. Strand-Specific Analysis Shows Protein Binding at Replication Forks and PCNA Unloading from Lagging Strands when Forks Stall. Mol Cell, 56, 551-563 (2014). (Highlighted in Molecular Cell and F1000)

H. Gan#, L. Wen#, S. Liao#, X. Lin, T. Ma, J. Liu, C. X. Song, M. Wang, C. He*, C. Han*, F. Tang*. Dynamics of 5-hydroxymethylcytosine during mouse spermatogenesis. Nat Commun 4, 1995 (2013).

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H. Gan, X. Lin, Z. Zhang, W. Zhang, S. Liao, L. Wang, C. Han*. piRNA profiling during specific stages of mouse spermatogenesis. RNA, 17, 1191-1203 (2011).