Lei DAI_Synthetic Biology



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The Dai Lab combine experiments, bioinformatics and mathematical modeling to study the ecology and evolution of microbiome. We focos on developing quantitative models and  synthetic biology tools to engineer microbial communities that play important roles in human health, agriculture and environment.

Lei Dai received his B.S. in physics at University of Science and Technology of China and Ph.D. in physics at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He was a HHMI postdoctoral fellow of Jane Coffin Childs Fund at UCLA from 2015 to 2018. He was awarded the Outstanding Thesis Research in Biological Physics by American Physical Society in 2014. He is also the recipient of  “Award for Outstanding Students Abroad”, and “Whitaker Health Sciences Fund Fellowship”. His work was published in Science, Nature, PNAS, eLife and other prestigious journals.

TEL: 0755-86392436