Recruitment of Postdoctoral Researchers in Artemisinin and Model Biology_Synthetic Biology

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Recruitment of Postdoctoral Researchers in Artemisinin and Model Biology

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(Synthetic Genomics Research Center)

Introduction to the Center

The development of genomics over the past decade has not only given us a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the genetic material of various organisms, but also enabled us to open up a treasure trove of precious species and genes. Synthetic genomics was fortunately based on this. It aims to better understand the biological nature of the genome and to systematically analyze the biological functions of the entire genome by designing and reengineering the de novo synthesis method and to give it new features. Research and application. The main research directions of the center include: the development of gene and gene combinations into use technologies; the design and analysis of genomes; the application of synthetic biology; the metabolic mechanisms of model organisms (fruit flies, mice, etc.); the action mechanism of artemisinin. At present, an international scientific research team consisting of “Outstanding Young Scholar Plan” and “1000 Young Scholar Plan” scholars has formed. Dr. Junbiao Dai, Deputy Director of Institute of Synthetic Biology, Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Dr. Yizhi Cai, Chief Professor, University of Manchester, UK Jointly serving as director, Jeff Boeke, academician of the New York University Medical School, served as honorary director, aiming to create a world-class research center for synthetic genomics. Through continuous hard work and innovation by the team, the Center has received several articles that have been accepted or published by internationally renowned magazines such as Science, Cell, Nature, Mol Cell, Nucleic Acids Res, ACS Synth. Biol, and Nature commun.
Due to laboratory research, several research assistants are required to be recruited. The recruitment period starts on March 23, 2018 and ends at the time of recruitment.

Laboratory and Position Description

Position:Research Assistant
1). Master degree or above (graduate graduates have certain experimental experience).
2). Have the following relevant research experience:
a. Research direction is 1 - Metabolism and disease: Using model organisms (Drosophila, mice) to study the mechanisms of micronutrient metal ion metabolism and its relationship with disease or behavior. In the same conditions, whom has experience with model organisms (eg, flies, mice, nematodes, etc.) or animal behavior may be preferred.
b. Research direction is 2 - Pharmacology: mechanism of action of artemisinin, an antimalarial drug
A variety of biological including model organisms and chemical biology methods are used to study the metabolism of artemisinin and possible relationships with various cellular pathways. There are priorities for yeast, mitochondria, mice, malaria, or chemical biology backgrounds.
3). Strong sense of responsibility, good teamwork and execution, careful and rigorous;
4). Can work stably, the laboratory will give priority to recommend outstanding people to study at Bo.
5). Fluent in English reading and writing, I heard that it is accessible, and has certain scientific research project research capabilities.
6). Strong sense of teamwork, serious and responsible work attitude, and positive and innovative research enthusiasm.

Salaries and Benefits

a. This position is a contractual position for advanced institutions. The specific salary treatment is negotiable, and it is implemented in accordance with the relevant compensation and award regulations of the Advanced Institute to ensure that it is competitive in the Shenzhen region and across the country.
b. Provide lunch allowance.
c. Full insurances and assist in applying for relevant welfare benefits in Shenzhen
d. Paid annual leave.