Yin Yu Research Group 2018 Postdoctoral Recruitment_Synthetic Biology

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Yin Yu Research Group 2018 Postdoctoral Recruitment

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Laboratory and Position Description

Institute of Synthetic Biology (Chief) Yin Yu, Associate Research Fellow, mainly engaged in stem cell therapy, intelligent biological materials, three-dimensional biological manufacturing, tissue and organ engineering, osteoarthritis stem cell therapy research and related technologies and its application in clinical translational medicine . The previous results have been published in international academic journals such as Arthritis and Rheumatology, Biofabrication, Tissue Engineering, Nanotechnology, Scientific Reports and Lab on a Chip.

Job Description: It is planned to recruit 3 post-doctoral candidates with cell biology, nanotechnology, synthetic biology, materials engineering, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, and regenerative medicine.

Work place: Shenzhen.

Candidate’s qualifications

1. Obtained PhD degree in the areas of cell biology, materials engineering, chemical engineering, synthetic biology, biomedical engineering, mechanical engineering, clinical medicine, and others.

Give priority to the following research experience:

1) There are backgrounds in biomaterial synthesis and characterization, synthetic gene loop design, and genetic engineering related research background;

2) There are research backgrounds in three-dimensional bio-manufacturing, organ-like chips, and tissue and organ regeneration;

3) People with background in orthopedic tissue engineering, osteoarthritis, cartilage regeneration, and biomechanics;

4) Experience in researching stem cell culture, animal models, 3D bioprinter manufacturing, etc.;

5) There is a strong interest in synthetic biology in biomaterials, nanomaterials, regenerative medicine and its clinical applications

2. The applicants who have published papers in the above disciplines or related fields in international journals with the first author or correspondent author are given priority. Interested applicants should attach the abstract and PubMed ID to their resume.

3. Good oral and writing skills in Chinese and English

4. Strong sense of teamwork, serious and responsible work attitude, and positive and innovative research enthusiasm.

5. Good health, long-term stable working, no more than 35 years old

Salaries and Benefits

The post-doctoral employment period is two years.

1. Postdoctoral 15k-20k in advanced hospital yard (including postdoctoral subsidy of Shenzhen City, 120,000 yuan/year - the latest standard, tax exemption);

2. Assist in the acquisition of 30,000 housing allowances for the Shenzhen Talents Housing Project and 90-hour free subsidies for Shenzhen New Energy Electric Vehicles;

3. Assist the station to stay deep (more than 3 years of work contract) to apply for a research fund of 300,000 yuan for postdoctoral research;

4. Postdoctoral fellows who have excellent scientific research performance and meet the application requirements may apply for Shenzhen high-level talents or other types of talents preferential policies. After approval, they will receive various types of supporting facilities in Shenzhen. Apply for Shenzhen's reserve-level leader and enjoy about 1.6 million grants);

5. The Advanced Institute provides a research platform for national scientific research institutions, a research team with overseas returnees, and a free and open research atmosphere;

6. Sign a work contract (in order to apply for Peacock talents in Shenzhen), pay five insurances and one payment according to the employee's salary, and pay meal subsidies monthly. During the work period of the station, it is included in the length of service of our school, you can participate in the evaluation of the title of the Institute, and enjoy the same benefits and other benefits of the staff.

7. Those who have studied abroad for more than one year may apply for Peacock Talent Subsidy if they meet Shenzhen's overseas high-level talent standards (A class 3 million; Class B 2 million; Class C 1.6 million).

Application method

Interested applicants are requested to send application materials (CVs, representative papers) to yin.yu@siat.ac.cn (please specify the research direction of the application)

Tel: 0755-86585243

Address: No. 1068 Xueyuan Avenue, University Town of Shenzhen, Shenzhen, Nanshan District, Shenzhen (518055)