Nan Li Research Group 2018 Postdoctoral Recruitment_Synthetic Biology

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Nan Li Research Group 2018 Postdoctoral Recruitment

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Laboratory and Position Description
The Institute of Synthetic Biology (iSynBio) in Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology,Chinese Academy of Sciences (SIAT) is inviting three the most motivated and talented postdocs with a strong Synthetic or Quantitative Biology background to join us in Shenzhen.
The laboratory is focused on basic biological problems, determinate evolution and oncotherapy with the facilitation of synthetic biological methods. The results were published in Science, PNAS, Environ Microbiol, Nucl Acids Res and other international practitioner journals by the primary author or corresponding author.

Candidate’s qualifications
1. We prefer candidates who are about to graduate with PhD or have a PhD at home or abroad.
2. Candidates must be highly motivated and willing to conduct the research in the field of Synthetic or Quantitative Biology independently.
3. Candidates are expected to have prominent research products in
the related field.
4. Candidates with the following research experience will be given  
primary consideration:
1)        Synthetic biological therapy of tumor studies
a)         Candidates with research backgrounds of immunology, oncology, molecular biology, and microbiology.
b)        Experience in operating flow cytometry, fluorescence microscope or other instruments in this filed; in addition, working experience in microbial or eukaryote cells cultivation, experimental animals operation, or immunehistochemical studies are preferred.
c)         Experience in projects development related to biological drugs or others related.
2)        Synthetic quantitative microbiology studies
a)         With research experience in either of the following area: quantitative biology or synthetic biology, microbial physiology and so on.
b)        Gain proficiency in the principles and operation of quantitative real-time PCR, microscope and flow cytometry, and other laboratory apparatuses.
c)         Master technologies in the field of microbial gene editing.
d)        With research background in microfluidics or biological image processing.
e)         Conducted projects related to microbial DNA replication.
3)        Research and development of biological determinate evolutionary system
a)         Operating experience in molecular biology, enzymology, and biochemistry, especially the aspects of bacteriophages, viruses, bacteria, yeasts, nucleic acids and proteins.  
b)        With research background in structural biology.
c)         Have determinate evolution experience.
Salaries and Benefits
The period of employment lasts for 2 years.
1. The annual salary is around 200,000-300,000RMB, which includes the postdoctoral subsidy (12000 RMB a year, duty-free) provided by Sheng Zhen government.
2. We will give assistance to successful candidates to apply housing subsidy (30,000 RMB) provided from “The Housing Project for Talents” by Sheng Zhen government; in addition, according to “Green-Car Subsidy Program” of Sheng Zhen City, green vehicles are also available for them for free within 90 hours.
3. We will give assistance to apply research grants (300,000 RMB) for postdocs who have signed over 3 year’s employment contracts and decide to settle in Sheng Zhen when successfully finish their research.
4. Some excellent and eligible postdocs can apply “Sheng Zhen High-level Talents fund” or other funds in accordance with   Sheng Zhen talent introduction policies; for instance, those who have more than 3-year’s working experience in Sheng Zhen after finishing their postdoctoral researches are eligible for Sheng Zhen Leading Talents Policy and will be awarded around 1600,000 RMB.
5. As an overseas returnees-based institution, SIAT is a national scientific research institution with dynamic atmosphere where talents can fully develop their interests.
6. After signing the formal labor contracts (for them to be eligible for “peacock plan”), the candidates are entitled to our welfares, including the endowment insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance, work-related injury insurance as well as childbirth insurance, and housing accumulation funds.
7. The one with over 1 year’s overseas education background and eligible for Sheng Zhen oversea high-level talents policies is qualified to apply the funds from “peacock plan”.
(A level-3million RMB; B level-2minllion RMB, C-level 1.6million RMB)
 The eligibility criteria for “peacock plan” can be found in the website:
Subsidy standers for overseas high-level talents in Sheng Zhen:
See also:
Application process
  Interested and qualified candidates should send an email    describing their motivation and research interests along with a CV and representative theses to Please give clear indication of your research area in the subject of your email.

Contact information

     Tel: 0755-86585345
     Address: 1068 Xueyuan Avenue, Shenzhen University Town,       
     Shenzhen, P.R. China