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Chen Y, Zhang S, Young EM & Voigt CA, "Genetic circuit design automation for the yeast" Accepted for publication in Nature Microbio.

Alnahhas RN, Sadeghpour M, Chen Y, Frey AA, Ott W, Josić K & Bennett MR, “Majority sensing in synthetic microbial consortia.” Accepted for publication in Nature Commun.

Kim JK*, Chen Y*, Hirning AJ, Alnahhas RN, Josic K & Bennett MR, “Long-range temporal coordination of gene expression in synthetic microbial consortia” Nature Chem. Bio. (2019) 15, 1102–1109.

Chen Y*, Ho JML*, Shis DL, Gupta C, Long J, Wagner D, Ott W, Josić K & Bennett MR, “Tuning the dynamic range of bacterial promoters regulated by ligand-inducible transcription factors.” Nature Comm. 9, 64 (2018).

Chen Y*, Kim JK*, Hirning AJ, Josic K & Bennett MR, "Emergent genetic oscillations in a synthetic microbial consortium," Science 349, 986-989 (2015). 

 Masiello CA, Chen Y, Gao X, Liu S, Cheng HY, Bennett MR, Rudgers JA, Wagner DS, Zygourakis K & Silberg JJ, “Biochar and microbial signaling: Production conditions determine effects on microbial communication.” Environ. Sci. Technol. 47, 11496-11503 (2013). 

*equal contribution